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Techniques for Singing - Try a Vocal Lesson by Helene Goldnadel

Techniques for singing can be improved substantially by scheduling a vocal lesson with Helene Goldnadel a reputed voice coach and singing teacher.

How do you know if you need help and when? It's a good idea to start out your performing career by laying a foundation of good techniques for singing. Starting with an empty slate is a whole lot easier than finding out later in your career that you have to correct long-standing bad habits.

Watch for these symptoms of a voice in trouble:
  • Sore throat during or after singing
  • Pitch problems, sharp or flat
  • Feeling that you need to sing louder to maintain the tone
  • Feeling that you need to whisper to get the words out
  • Finding it difficult to pronounce the words
  • Lack of emotional communication with audience

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you might want to start asking around for that vocal coach and begin to develop some valid singing techniques for yourself.

How can you know what to expect from the singing coaches you may interview? Look first at their resume, client list, and fees - as is true in many fields, you tend to get what you pay for. Are any of the students known to you? Ask the coach to supply you with a way to contact present and/or former students. Encourage the coach to explain their personal philosophy of techniques for singing. What is most important to them? Vocal safety? Emotional impact? Perfect singing techniques? A five octave range? (And you need five octaves for what?)

At some point you have to quit looking and start trusting. Once you have the information you need to make a carefully considered decision, it's time to hand yourself over to the strange things this individual will ask you to do in a vocal lesson.

You have to trust your singing teacher, but keep an open mind. Regularly check your progress by taping yourself and listening to the results. Ask for progress evaluations from trusted friends and family. If your progress seems to be stalled or you are plagued by the serious voice problems listed above -- well, it might be time to move on to a better fit.

With the right vocal coach you can learn how to sharpen your techniques for singing freely and how to craft a song to move an audience from tears to joy and back again. But when it comes to making career moves you need to be a self-starter.
You can ask for feedback from your singing teacher when opportunities come your way. They should be able to help you make informed decisions, but don't expect your vocal coach to manage your career, or get you a record deal -- that is, unless they offer that service and have a track record of success.

Ms. Helene Goldnadel is a life coach, a singing teacher and a recording artist. Helene has been working with children in voice placement, voice projection and has kept countless young performers from the painful damage which vocalist experience when they do not sing from the diaphragm.
Helene Goldnadel offers a variety of classes for your child and along with dance classes there are also other creative activities available like learning music and theatre, if your child is interested in the same.
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Benefits by Helene Goldnadel of Kids Dance Classes

Studies reveal that dancing not only keeps kids physically fit and flexible, but that it also improves their mental and emotional health. Dancing is a form of art that is great exercise and ensures the overall well-being of your child physically, mentally and emotionally. Your child will get an opportunity to learn the art of expression and creativity in addition to experiencing different brain functions and building friendships with other kids.

Let us explore some of the great benefits of enrolling your kid in a reputable dance class like that of Helene Goldnadel's Institute:

1. Improves Performance:

One of the many positive effects of a dance class for kids is that dancing helps stimulate brain function. This increases the child's activity level and energy, which also improves their academic performance. During the dance classes, the kids acquire problem-solving skills, memory retention and listening skills, which helps improve their academic and personal life too.

2. Builds Self Esteem:

As children learn and improve skills in a dance class, their confidence will boost. With an experienced and talented dance instructor, your kid will learn to execute the dance steps and will constantly be encouraged with positive feedback. The positive atmosphere of a dance class will give your kids a sense of accomplishment.

3. Promotes Wellness:

Dancing is a physical and mental activity that promotes overall-wellness and helps prevent many physical and mental issues. By attending the dance classes on a regular basis, your child will learn wellness habits that will ensure a happy and healthy future. Regularly practicing dance will boost their physical development and help the child to learn about the importance of coordination and strength. Dancing promotes a healthy emotional balance for children, which ensures relaxation and helps prevent stress.

4. Increases their Potential:

Your child will gain impressive skills in a dance class with the assistance of an experienced and well-trained dance instructor. If your kid has the ability and interest to build a career in dance, then by enrolling in a dance class, he/she could get their best chance at living the exciting and fulfilling life of a professional dancer.

5. Builds Social Skills:

Dance classes are a great cure for a shy child. Dancing is a fun and easy way to improve social skills and provides great opportunities to mix with other children and learn to work in a group. A dance class will boost confidence and improve learning skills such as expression, listening and cooperation. Dance classes are one of the best ways for your kids make new friends with like interests.


Learning to dance from a young age will help enhance your child's life in many ways by improving their physical development, emotional strength and social skills. After enrolling your child in a fun and reputable kids dance class in Richmond, you will be pleased with the incredible results.

Helene Goldnadel teaches the young actors how to simply empower each other and how to make a real difference as per the quality of the work on set.
Helene Goldnadel proudly has allowed for children to become so good at their craft that the kids who sing, dance and act, or two out of the three, often perform as series regular actors on major shows on television. The children enjoy the ability to sing previously rehearsed material, and they also gain improvisation skills.
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