Sunday, 30 December 2018

Habits to Make Your Child Creative and Active by Helene Goldnadel

Being impressive and innovative at young age is a sign of great success. This creativity can be developed from childhood. The creative and funny behavior of a child is very important to do well at school. These activities will help your child to perform well and have fun in every situation whether it could be home, schools, or some holiday visit.

There are many easy and funny habits that will help in encouraging creativity in the children at home and this practice will be funny for you too. Helene Goldnadel discusses some of them below:

Playing creative Games - Playing games with your kids should always be a great fun. When a normal playground game doesn't seem innovative, the let your creativeness takes over. Try to play imaginary games with your child or make some game by engaging with the kid. These types of inventive games will make your child to stay dynamic and keep amused for long hours.

Making a new story - Stories are full of knowledge and wisdom. Children are interested in listening to stories right before the bed time. Try to make a new story every time for the kid, and it must be innovative, humor and some kind of knowledge too. It will help children to think of what can happen in some particular situation. You can engage with your kid by making up an interesting story together, inspiring your teen to think of what is going to come about next.

Make Drawings - It is real fact that an image can speak thousand words. Instead of making your child to learn by writing things, inspire your kid for making drawings. Research on children shows that drawing help kids to remember things and learning new things too. And image can stay for longer time in a kid's mind. Drawings and Paintings are real source of creativeness.

Artistic work - Well, it might be cluttered but let your child to get some finger paints and chart papers and let them draw and decorate whatever come in their mind. It's going to be a funny approach of presenting them that there are no limits for success and they can attain anything if they want to get it.

Spending time with your kid - This is the most important way in which your teen can learn new things and habits. Stay together with your child while drawing, painting, or making something else, and in this way your child will get the opportunity to learn many things which they might not have come up on the other hand. You can help them in understanding different scenarios of different tasks.

Singing and Dancing - Music is the way to peace. Encourage your child to sing or play some music instrument. Singing and dancing is an art as well as the best way to overcome stress. Get involved in some drama or play, which will help in exploring the creativity in your child.


  1. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. ^-^

  2. This is such a wonderful post! As someone who is planning on having a child in the next year or two, these provide me with great ideas for keeping my future child creative and active. I hope your year is off to a wonderful start!