Saturday, 5 January 2019

Making Learning Fun for Kids Let Them Grow and Perform With Comfort

Kindergartens and preschools shape your child's abilities and prepare your little ones for ahead. It is a vital component for every child to be able to read, write and speak. The preschools make it sure that kids develop themselves with the activities so that they become self-confident while they socialize and interact with others. It should be made a fun learning experience for kids to be able to read, write and speak. They should enjoy these activities while they learn.

Since kids are at learning stage and it is natural that they make mistakes. They should be taught that all written words mean something. There is no word without meaning. With this thought, they will be able to relate that word with what they comprehended. It would be easy for them to understand different words and retain them. It is a stage where all kids learn new words and enhance their vocabulary. Kids generally make punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors. Therefore, one should be able to correct them else this would develop as their habit. Kindergartens and preschools usually give worksheets and workbooks to practice handwriting, which should be thoroughly practiced. Parents should note the improvements and get them to run-through this activity so that they develop.

When children read, they recognize letters and sounds and then join them to form a meaningful sentence. This activity takes time to develop but once your little ones are able to make out various alphabets then it becomes simple for them to connect them. You should make your child read more frequently. Try and give your child the book he/she likes to read. Also, let them learn words from poems, signs, advertisements and logos. Make them read anything they want to also help them get the right word while they pronounce these words. Note the words or pattern of words where your kids find difficulty. The more they read, the more they would learn to speak. Talk about their day or the book they read or anything they like to talk about. Develop this habit and watch about how they use the words from their reading into their speech. Keep yourself involved in their activity so that they do not get distracted and enjoy this activity. Always remember, your child will be more enthusiastic and perform seriously if you are participating. Listen to them carefully and let them mix with others. It would give them opportunities to talk and get them more involved in this activity.

Now, when the reading, writing and speaking skills are introduced in the child, it is of prime importance that you maintain that habit. Following are some tips by Helene Goldnadel that you can practice with your child:
  • Encourage talking with your child and ask them lot of questions.
  • Give them lots of books to read and let them narrate the story in their own words.
  • You should be patient as they can take time to explain what they want to say.
  • Practicing rhymes together can be of great fun.
  • Listening to your child would encourage and motivate him to a great magnitude.
  • Be aware of your child's reading and writing level. Do not expect miracles fortnight.

The abilities of writing, reading and speaking help a child to grow and perform in an environment. Making your child active and responsive is essentially required but it should be recollected that children will only learn when you make this learning experience as stimulating as you can!

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