Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Art and Craft Books Help in The Overall Development of a Child

Even before a child learns to write in his or her early years of development, art or drawing is the only thing that he or she resorts to for expressing ideas. You will notice that whenever a kid is engaged in drawing he gives full concentration during the whole process. Whether it is about drawing spirals or straight lines in a sheet of paper, art helps children to express creativity.

Helene Goldnadel
says that art plays a very significant role in the mental and emotional development of child. Many scientific studies say that art develops the right side of the brain. Children take this in the form of fun and in the process of doing so, they learn a lot. In the initial stages of childhood it is important for a child to get expose to art books.

A lot of skills are developed inside a child through art activities. To start with, communication is one key area that a child develops. When kids draw pictures, they express any particular thought or experience that they have faced in one time or the other. For instance: drawing homes, park or a drawing depicting parents is a quite popular habit among the children. They try to recollect a particular instance or experience by making a sketch of the event. Even when a child does not speak properly, the art books help them to communicate first.

Problem solving skills of an individual is also developed quite rapidly with the help of such books. The concept of art helps children to solve a complex problem. For instance: before coloring one has to decide what is the color is to be put in an animal or what will be the color of the house. Hence, the brain is engaged is filled with a number of questions that includes many whys and hows. Moreover, these books always allow a child to experiment and handle the art materials like crayons and sketch pens carefully.

Improving motor skills is one of the major benefits that a child gets by reading art and crafts books. It becomes a difficult process at least for a toddler to hold a paint brush or a crayon pencil properly in his hand. These books enable or encourage them to make proper use of the books thereby improving their motor skills. Apart from this, some craft books also require a child to cut paper in to specific shapes with the help of scissors or squeezing gum from bottle to fix paper cuts and many other motor works. Doing all these activities, help a child to have a control over all these materials.

Creativity is another important area where the art & craft books hold an advantage over all other books. Few of the books come with exercises that ask the reader to color or sketch either an animal or a figure from their own mind. Thus, the child uses his or her thinking capability and expresses the ideas by exposing the creative potential of their brain. It also stimulates the cells of the brain as it5 requires a lot of analysis and experimentation.

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