Thursday, 24 January 2019

How You Can Encourage Genius in Your Child?

We already know that all children are born geniuses. But how do we encourage our How do we make sure our child stays a genius? How do we help our child develop this genius? How can we take advantage of this "window of opportunity" to develop our child to the max? There are many things we can do, and one of the most important things we need to do is making sure we encourage creative thinking.

Helene Goldnadel says to encourage creativity; we always have to ask questions. Ask open ended questions. Depending on what you are doing, always ask your child for her opinion. "What do you think about?" Encourage your child to think about the subject, and truly listen to what she says.

Never criticize. No matter how "off the wall" your child's answer is, always sincerely listen to the answer, and ask more questions. It's OK if you are opposed to your child's opinion or idea. Don't correct her. You can ask more questions, open questions, preferably. For example: "then what would happen if?" Or "isn't it true that then would happen?". Don't try to show your child that she is wrong, don't try to add information in order to convince her otherwise. Just listen attentively, and ask more questions if appropriate.

Always encourage your child to "think outside the box". Watch your child at her play. If your child is trying to solve a problem, ask "what would you do if you didn't have". You will be surprised with the ideas your child comes up with. If your child uses a tool for a purpose - for example, your child uses a spoon for eating. Ask "What else can you use the spoon for?" This will encourage your child to get into the habit of thinking in a creative way.

Do you read to your child? When you are done reading a children's book to your child, always talk about the book. Discuss the book, and let your child express her opinion. You can ask questions about the book. Don't ask "test" questions, to see if your child has understood the book. Children dislike being tested and use their creativity to come up with the most astonishing answers.

Ask open ended questions. Like "What would you do if your were in this situation?" "Why do you think diddo what he did?" "What would be better to do?" "Who was smarter - the rabbit or the turtle?" There are many questions you can ask in order to encourage your child to think to analyze, to come up with new ideas.

Your child will enjoy talking to you, expressing her opinions, and she will enjoy the fact that you are attentively listening to her. Over time, your child will get into the habit of thinking creatively, and analyzing every situation.

There are many activities you can do with your child in order to develop her genius. The earlier you start, the more effective you will be. However, even if your child is somewhat older, it is not too late. Start now. In the resource box, you will find out what to do next.

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