Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Activities That Stimulate Early Brain Growth And Development

Everything your child sees feels, hears and experiences stimulates the brain. It's about connecting your baby with the different aspects of the world. As these connections are made the brain grows and every experience creates more connections using all of the senses.

The initial years of a child are considered the most critical in early development. Hence it's important to stimulate a child's mind at an early age. There are many pre-primary and play schools that offer a holistic environment for better growth and development. However, as a parent, you can introduce your child to certain basic activities that can help build the child's brain.

The top activities Helene Goldnadel always suggests to parents are:


A child is never too young or too old to be read to. Reading builds their vocabulary, stimulates their imagination and lays the foundation for learning. Today, there are many books available for children of all age groups. These books are written specifically for the new generation of children immersed in our technology-filled world. Choose one from them and give it to your child. You'll be surprised to know how fast they get into the material.


Encourage your child's attempts to write. If your child scribbles something and then tells you what he "wrote," take it seriously. You can even sit with your child and write some stories, songs or some beautiful phrases. Allowing them to prepare their own shopping list for the supermarket or mailing his/her (scribbled) words to Grandma is also a great writing activity. This will help your children learn that words are powerful and have a meaning.


Play is not only fun, it is the fundamental way that children learn. Indoor games like mazes, puzzles, and riddles require critical thinking. It builds mental skills and enhances a child's ability to learn. On the other hand outdoor games like football, basketball, etc enhances health and social skills. Allow your child to choose his/her favorite play or game and give them time to enjoy it. It will teach them new skills, encourage the development of self-confidence and satisfy their interest in exploration.

Art and Craft

Get sheets of paper, a collection of crayons, paint, colored pencils etc and set up a space for kids that allows creative expression. More than the freedom to make a big mess - art and craft allow children to discover their inner potential and gives them endless choices to think out of the box.

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